Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The girls hanging out on the deck...

Yeah, not sure why I can't keep up in here. Maybe it is the same reason I can't even keep up with my house.

I am so very tired and huge and have so much back and hip pain, that I can barely function many days. It has seemed to improve lately, so maybe these last two months won't be so bad.

Other than that, we are all doing great. Gwendolyn is 18 months old now! Where does the time go? She is starting to say more words now, and signs quite a bit too. If she doesn't know how to say something, she is usually pretty good at letting you know what she wants, or at least getting your attention! lol Lately she has really turned into a little "Daddy's girl". :) More often than not, if he is home, she wants him over me. It is ok by me, because that should help her transition when the baby comes.

Amelia is wonderful too. She is learning how to read, and can sound out easy words very well. I just need to work on phonics with her, but she really catches on fast! She read a simple reader last night with very little help. Amelia will be starting preschool in a couple weeks. She is very nervous about it. She is excited, but at the same time scared about being by herself. That is the biggest reason we decided to send her to preschool, because she is quite shy and can be very overwhelmed by a group. Preschool should be a good way to introduce her to school without such a big class like kindergarten. (Preschool has a max of 16 kids, with two teachers, vs however many there are in a K. class.) It is also only 2 days a week, 3 hours per day. Anyway, hoping that will help.

Eric and I are doing great. I am so very blessed to have such a great husband. He is so patient and good to me, and such a great dad! He is doing fine at work. He still has a job, and isn't too worried about losing it, so we are ahead there. It would be nice if his commute wasn't so long (traffic really sucks on this side of the city) but it could be worse.

Eric and I about two weeks ago.

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Crystal Carr said...

Aww, so sweet :)

It's been busy here, I've been bringing to the kids with and working at my aunt's tax office, along with my husband.

I'd like to come out and see you, but it will have to wait a couple weeks yet. I'll get in touch when things simmer down a bit here :)

Blessings, take care.