Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few Christmas pictures


The girls got to go sledding at Eric's sister's house! So fun!!!

Christmas eve at our house.

Christmas at my grandma's.

Amelia's Christmas program for preschool.

December update

Life is pretty good, except that I have very little time to do the things I need to do, much less the things I want to do. Elizabeth is needy, and I don’t feel bad asking Eric to hold her while I try to catch up a bit, or get a nap in, but somehow I don’t feel right asking him to hold her so I can play on the computer or sew or something. She will occasionally just hang out in her bouncy seat, but not too long. She is in it now, and has been in it for about 10 minutes, and it starting to fuss. I am writing this in word, so I can come back to it if I need to. If she is in a content mood, she will hang out in her swing for a while too, but seems to prefer the bouncy seat. She isn’t as hard as I remember Gwendolyn being. Most of the time she is content when she is being held. Gwen was more fussy I think even while being held. Once in a while Lizzy will get cranky while being held, but it isn’t so bad. She is smiling quite a bit now, so that makes up for the harder times. Every day I will say how much I like babies (or this baby). She is just so sweet and snuggly! She is huge, just like the other two were. I am sure she is 15 lbs (her 2 month checkup is on Thursday, so I will find out for sure then.) She fits into 3-6 months and 6 month clothes though. 0-3 month stuff is a distant memory. LoL

The other girls are good.
Gwendolyn is at such a super cute stage! She is talking in phrases now, and can count to 10 and knows a few shapes, and a whole lot of sign language signs. She calls Amelia CC (sissy) and usually just calls Elizabeth “baby”. It is just so fun to watch her learn and do so much new stuff all the time. She makes me smile and laugh all the time, even when she is being a stinker she is cute (which is most of the time)! She is always into something. No, I don’t always think it is cute. I get pretty upset sometimes, but most of the time I just have to laugh at her because she is so darn cute!

Amelia is enjoying preschool a lot! She was so upset to learn that there wouldn’t be any school over Christmas vacation! She just didn’t understand and I really had to explain to her. She had been back talking quite a bit, because we had been slacking on her discipline. We got lazy and just sent her to her room when it got really bad, and that just doesn’t work well with her. It works much better to take away privileges, but that requires mommy and daddy to have to think. I had a good talk with her about a week ago, which seemed to help a lot, and we have been better at taking stuff away right away when she talks back, so that has improved a lot. It isn’t all bad though. She is learning to be thoughtful and helpful, and best of all learning to love Jesus. The last couple weeks she has started to pray for stuff out of the blue. I will hear her saying “dear Jesus, please help my sister to feel better” or whatever. It is so sweet!