Monday, November 5, 2007

Amelia is now using the potty all the time. She hasn't had an accident in almost a week (except for naps and night time). It took letting her run around naked for a month, but we made it! (If I put underwear on her, she would forget she wasn't using a diaper, and just use it. She would go on the potty if naked though, so that made going potty the habit, instead of in her diaper.)

The thing is she used to stay dry for most naps and night time, but now she won't go potty unless she feels the urge, so usually will not go before she lays down. She just refuses. *shrug*

Oh well, that will come in time. I am just thrilled she is finally using it during the day. :)

Her 3rd birthday is on the 16th. Her party will be on the 17th. I am filling out invites as we speak. Of course, I didn't count before I bought, so I am a couple short, but oh well. I can just call a couple people.

I hurt my ankle on Saturday. I was walking downstairs, and was looking at what was in my hand instead of where I was going. I missed the last step and fell. So dumb. At least it wasn't the top step, and I didn't fall on my belly or anything. Anyway, it hurt enough that I cried, and could tell I did something, but after a couple minutes, I wasn't even limping. We figured it would get worse, but I over did it that day and by night my ankle hurt so bad I could hardly walk. It is much better today though. Still a little swollen and sore, but much better.

Here is my last project. It came out way too huge, but as it is the first dress I made from a pattern (except for doll clothes) I made it right from the pattern, and didn't try to fit it to Amelia. It is supposed to be a 4T, which is one size too big for Amelia. This thing turned out HUGE!!! LOL

I fixed it a bit, which made it not quite as nice as before, but at least now it stays on somewhat! LOL Here she is with an action shot.

I am not quite done with it. I am going to put some green ribbon around the waist, but otherwise it is done. She loves it! She says she is a princess when she wears it. :D The great thing about it is that the fabric cost me around $4, so I don't have to worry when she wears it. If it gets dirty or something, no biggy. ;0