Monday, May 26, 2008


Yesterday was Gwendolyn's baptism. Dad took some pictures. I only took a couple at our house afterwards. I really need to take more pictures.


Yesterday was Gwendolyn's baptism. 15 minutes after the last people left, the weather all of a sudden turned bad so I turned on the tv to see if there were any warnings. Yep, we were under a tornado warning, so we spent about 20 minutes in the basement. This is what that storm later did. (This is about 40 miles from us, and about 5 miles from where we used to live and where my sister lives.)

A little boy died. On the news the person that pulled his dad out said the dad was screaming that his little boy was "gone". They found him in a nearby swamp. I just can't imagine.The news said 50 homes were destroyed and over 100 more damaged.

Here are some pictures right after the hail stopped at our house. (There were some golf ball sized hail.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gwendolyn is fussy quite a bit, so I barely have time to wash my dishes much less keep up online. *sigh* She is getting better though, and she smiles enough to recharge me for another day. ;)

She is almost 3 months old now! It is amazing how fast they grow. I am sure she is about 15 pounds by now. At her two month checkup she was 13lbs 14oz. She is fussing right now, again, so this has to be quick. *sigh*

My girls!
Amelia took this picture... :)