Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gwendolyn really likes Baby Einstein.

Me and my girls!
The snowflakes we had coming down yesterday were the biggest I think I have ever seen. Some were like golf ball size. (Yes, I know they weren't single flakes, but bunches together, but still way cool!)
I can't leave Gwendolyn alone in the livingroom/kitchen area anymore, because this is what I find when I come back.
She is constantly climbing up on the table. Even when I am right there, she does it, then gets all excited like it is a game when I come to get her.
She also knows how to push Amelia's step stool to the part of the counter she wants so she can play with stuff. Today I had put Amelia's leftover lunch on the counter so Gwendolyn wouldn't get it if she climbed on the table. I waited about 2 minutes before following her into the kitchen (thinking she would be on the table) and instead I find her up at the counter eating covered in ketchup and eating chips, and a hotdog on the floor.
She definitely keeps me busy! lol


Crystal Carr said...

Oh wow! Steven hasn't climbed onto anything yet - for that I am grateful... alas, my day is coming :)

Laura said...

You never know. Amelia wasn't a climber. In fact, I am pretty sure the first time she ever got up on the table was when she was well over 2, and understood the concept that she could fall and get hurt. She has always been a careful girl though. Gwendolyn, not so much. lol