Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb 2008

I haven't been updating like I should. I feel like I have been super busy doing nothing. It is all good though. I have had a bit more energy lately, and am really enjoying my girls. :) (And my hubby too, of course!)

Just thought I would share a few pics...

Amelia played dress up with Gwendolyn last week.

We made a snow man when we had a warm spell. Amelia named him Frosty, the same name she picked for my mom's new colt.

I made Amelia a couple Barbie dresses a couple weeks ago. She like them. She has really gotten into barbies lately.

This is what my cats do most of the day. What a life I tell you. Heh, heh.

Gwendolyn "playing barbies" with Amelia. Gwendolyn was sitting in the barbie box. She really likes going over things, or inside things, climbing, ect.

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Crystal Carr said...

Cute pics! Nice job on the dresses!