Thursday, January 1, 2009

God has blessed us with a New Year! Welcome 2009

2008 was a year to remember. Gwendolyn was born in Feb, and Grandpa went to Heaven in November. Eric was switched to a new area of the company after some worry that he might lose his job. The Lord has blessed us a lot with Eric's job. So many people have been laid off, and he has kept his job, and his new job seems to be nicer so far then the last.
Amelia turned four, and continues to wow us with how smart she is.
Besides birthing a baby, I have grown closer to God the last few months, and it has improved my outlook a lot! Life is so much better when you put your life in God's hands, instead of your own!

I look forward to 2009, and what God has in store for us next! :)


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Amber said...

Happy New Year, Laura! I'm glad to read such an optimistic post! Hope it's everything you want it to be.