Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner.

I got my first sunburn of the season.   It was my fault as I was enjoying the sun so much I didn't bother with sunscreen.   I am not an avid sunscreen user.  I believe that we need the sun, and blocking it out all the time isn't good.  If I know we are going to get more sun than usual, especially going to the lake, ect, I make sure to slather us good.   For everyday playing in the yard and going to the park, I just skip it, unless it seems extra "hot".   Spring rolls around though, and I always forget to ease into the the season.  The girls rarely burn, and I always do in the spring.  Besides my fairer skin, I am sure it is also because they spend more time outside, bit by bit, in the spring, and have gotten a bit of a tan before the sun gets close.   So, here I am with a dark red forhead and red face, shoulders, arms and back, and my girls got a bit of pink yesterday that is almost gone already today.   That is all good though, as I would rather have me burn than them.   Then I don't feel guilty, just ditzy.  Ha!   

In other news, Amelia had her first dance recital a couple weeks ago.  She did really good, and was cute as can be (of course)!

During the intermission, Gwen got up on stage and entertained everyone.  She is so cute!

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