Friday, February 25, 2011

What can I say?

I tend to start things with great enthusiasm and good intentions, be it a blog, a journal, eating healthy, scrapbooking, sewing, fish tanks, organizing, cleaning, meal planning, even spending time with God. Then, after a time, sometimes months, sometimes days, the new great thing falls to the wayside for the next fun thing, or even just doing nothing. It is amazing how much time I can spend on my computer, looking at whatever it is online, and yet have no time to write in my blog, or keep on on my friend's blogs or journals, much less have time to clean my house.

There are very few things that I see through their entirety, or keep my passion about. I am not sure what it is about me, or what I am missing that makes me like this. I would like to change. I would like to keep my passion about the important things in my life.

Some things that I need to keep in focus.

God ~ He is part of my every day, but I want it to be even more so. I want it to be a normal part of my day to pick up my Bible, or sit down in a quiet place to pray, rather than it being something that I try so hard to remember to do. I want to spend my day joyfully praising my Lord, and not just saying "hey" once in a while.

Eric ~ Our relationship is a very good thing. Although we aren't doing bad, I can always improve how much attention that I give him. I want to remember to make his lunch every day, and remember to let him know each day how much I appreciate him. It would also be lovely if I looked nice every day when he gets home from work. (I say this while wearing sweats that are too big, and hair that was slept on, and of course no makeup.)

My children ~ I am not a bad mom. In fact, I am a pretty good mom. I do have a tendency towards selfishness though. Instead of thinking up a fun game or craft to do, I read a book, browse the internet, or whatever, while they entertain themselves or watch TV. It isn't that I don't pay attention to them, or do things with them; it is just that there is a LOT of room for improvement.

My house ~ It isn't gross. I don't have a moldy bathroom, or food rotting or anything, but it isn't very organized. I need to find "homes" for everything, so it is easier to keep clean. I also need to work with the kids more, so they learn better habits than I have.

Our health ~ I would like for us to eat healthier. I think we probably eat healthier than most Americans, but that isn't saying much. We get fast food at least once a week, and lately I have been turning to processed foods more often than not, because they are easier.

~ I don't ever expect to be perfect, but I would like to be a work in progress, and I really haven't seen any progress lately.

I know prayer and spending time with God can only help.

Any other suggestions?

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Crystal Carr said...

How're your goals coming? For me, it helps to write things down and hang them on the refrigerator, as I'm so forgetful.

I've got to give you a call soon so I can get those cloths back to you...