Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some pictures

I know I don't update like I should, but here are some pictures for now anyway. :)

Just some of Gwendolyn's many expressions... :)

This is her "really really happy face"! LOL

Amelia and I spent a day at the Horse Expo with my mom. Amelia of course had to ride the horses and ponies, a few times. ;)

Aren't I huge? The sad part is this picture is now a month old, so I was only 16 weeks in this picture. I suppose I should take a 20 week one.

Got to meet our newest family member on Memorial weekend. Such a cutie! Amelia is sitting with her cousins and holding baby Drake. Eric's brother Dave and his wife Jill are the proud parents.

Amelia with my grandma on Memorial weekend.

Our little family

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Crystal Carr said...

You look cute! How is your pregnancy going?