Sunday, August 31, 2008


So, I cut my own hair a few weeks ago. Bangs.... not sure why I did it, but they are too short and too thick! :P Oh well, they will grow back.

Amelia plays with her scissors unsupervised often, and is really good with them. This morning she was playing with paper and paper cups, and cutting them up. I thought to myself "It sure is nice that I can trust her with them, and she doesn't do silly things like cut her hair like she did last year." Yeah, so a while after I woke up from my nap, Eric told me he found a long lock of curl on the floor. Yep, she cut her hair....I thought her hair looked kinda funny, but thought it was just because she slept on it wrong or something. I didn't cry this time, just let her know how dissapointed I was. She said she did it because her hair was getting in her eyes. She also said she doesn't want curly hair anymore. She says that once in a while. (She hears comments about her pretty curls every day, from everyone, so I don't know if the attention is too much or what. )
So I don't know if she got the idea from me cutting my own hair or what. She didn't see me do it, but she heard me talk about it. *sigh*

I took this picture the other day. See that pretty curl hanging down? It's gone. :(

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Amber said...

D'oh! Poor pretty little curl!

If it's any consolation, I think all kids get into amateur cosmetology at some point. Peyt hasn't yet, but that's because I refuse to let her use scissors. She'll probably be the only kid in her Kindergarden class who is proficient in computer, but woefully underprepared to cut with even the dullest pair of scissors.

And I like your bangs--they're cute in a Betty Page sort of way, which is totally trendy. I say you claim it's intentional, and then everyone will just think you're hip. ;)