Sunday, February 10, 2008

Impatiently waiting....

Still no baby. Of course, she isn't due for 2 more days, so it could be any time in the next couple weeks, but I am so DONE! :P I am sick on top of it, very sore throat and cough, and that isn't helping my comfort level at all. I am hoping I will feel better tomorrow, and then maybe our sweet baby will make a due date arrival.... wouldn't that be cool? :)
At my midwife appointment on Friday I was 1-2cm dialated and 40% effaced, so it really could be any day.

I just hope she comes in the next two weeks, because since I am planning a VBAC, they want to schedule a C-Section for 2 weeks past my due date, and I so do NOT want another cesarean!
They won't induce me first either, but they will try to break my water a day or two before if I want. I am sure that would do the trick, but I would rather she just come out on her own. ;)

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Amber said...

Dana showed me pictures of your newest little lady! She's beautiful, Laura! Congratulations!