Friday, March 2, 2007


Life is good, but not much interesting to write about.

A summery.
I am on a "diet". Pretty much just eating a lot better, and keeping track of my calories. (It helps a lot to see how foods add up!) and are both good food journal/calorie counters.
I have also been following the book "Change One" which is totally not about counting calories, but the two things together have helped me a lot.
I have lost 7 pounds in just over 3 weeks. Pretty good I think. :)

I have also been teaching myself how to make bread.... and I don't mean with a bread machine. I have been doing it all by hand.

Some have flopped, but I have had a few loaves turn out good too. :D My biggest problem is that I have been experimenting with sourdough too, and that is more difficult. I didn't realize that until I made a few batches. Heh, heh.

I am also taking a self portrait every day for a year. It has been fun so far, but sometimes it is annyoing to take a picture when I feel ugly or whatever. I have been taking pics of Amelia too.

I think I am going to take a nap. ;)

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